Saturday, 11 January 2014

British amateur crossdresser and an amateur CD / TV photo site

My first 'blogger' blog of the new year.  Hope 2014 is going well for you!

I was reading the other day about favourite sex terms that people search for, and it reckoned 'British' and 'amateur' are very popular in the UK. So I've shoved them into this blog title, to see what happens!

Things are getting much better on my fav gurlie site (newbudnudes) now that more moderators have been appointed to tackle things like web-steals. Last autumn, I felt like I was the only one. Three months on, and the new team are really getting to grips with stuff.

Amateurs posting their photos don't want to have to compete with professional photos, and those who want pro pix can go to pro sites, or use a search engine.

Another improvement, people now only have to wait a few hours to get their request for account verification checked by the moderators. A few years ago, the wait could be several months, until Site Admin could find time.

So... it's looking good for 2014!