Sunday, 11 January 2015

2015 - new stockings!

I didn't do much dressing or photography in 2014, and only updated this blog four times. That's pretty dismal! Anyway, got the new year off to a good start by ordering some stockings and they've arrived.

I keep hearing about how the "social media" has stuff like preachings of violence, and beheadings, and suchlike... whereas crossdressers get their pix removed just for showing a bit too much ass. Bloody stupid. But anyway, I've taken the precaution of pixelating this pic, as I'm not really sure what's allowed on blogger and what's not.


Sunday, 7 September 2014

NewBud Noise from amateur crossdressers

After some noisy weeks on Newbudnudes (NBN) where some of the gurlies were pestering the poor old site boss for upgrades... yep we got the upgrades!

The site is much improved, and there's lots of amateur CDs shaking their lil' ol' butts there. And other things!  There was an unplanned "pink panties" day, last week, and quite a lot of CDs joined in.

Users of xHamster might have noticed hate posts and harassment seem freely allowed, and while death wishes can be reported as spam (?!) there isn't a Report This Member facility. There's no way such stuff is tolerated on NBN, the moderators there are well on the case. And I should know, as I'm one of them!  Sure, NBN's not as active as xHam but it's a nice place.

The above sample just shows me, so's I don't need to ask permission.

The site upgrades do mean new arrivals can't easily browse the site without getting free membership first. But *shrug* there you go. Click this pic if you fancy checking it out -----

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A collection of holes tied together with string...

A collection of holes tied together with string...

...That's someone's description of a net. 

I first saw it in a UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) news-sheet that I was reading, last week. Hadn't heard that expression before, but I like it!

And here's a photo of me wearing my fav collection of holes, while doing a bit of bed-making!


PS: I see I did three blog entries in 2011, two in 2012 and three last year! I'm going to see if I can do a bit better than that, this year.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Crossdresser tests camera setting f8 and a new backdrop

Joanna Slinky with her educational hat on?

Tested my camera a bit more, last week, with some flash photos and the camera fixed on aperture f8. So I let shutter speed drift on auto, but it chose 1/60th of a sec each time. 

The idea was, I'd lessen blurring. In fact, I seem to have made it a bit worse! It doesn't show up in a small image on the web, though. British amateurs, eh.

I also tested the black bedsheet I bought recently while shopping in a supermarket, but I think it's a bit too black for these photos. Anyway, it just doesn't work well with a black tunic and black gloves, really.

It does soak up any harsh flashbulb shadow, though... which was one of my plans.

So I was doing several Joanna Slinky tests all at once, with mixed results. Oh, well... it's still fun wearing my schoolgurlie outfit!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

British amateur crossdresser and an amateur CD / TV photo site

My first 'blogger' blog of the new year.  Hope 2014 is going well for you!

I was reading the other day about favourite sex terms that people search for, and it reckoned 'British' and 'amateur' are very popular in the UK. So I've shoved them into this blog title, to see what happens!

Things are getting much better on my fav gurlie site (newbudnudes) now that more moderators have been appointed to tackle things like web-steals. Last autumn, I felt like I was the only one. Three months on, and the new team are really getting to grips with stuff.

Amateurs posting their photos don't want to have to compete with professional photos, and those who want pro pix can go to pro sites, or use a search engine.

Another improvement, people now only have to wait a few hours to get their request for account verification checked by the moderators. A few years ago, the wait could be several months, until Site Admin could find time.

So... it's looking good for 2014!