Saturday, 6 February 2010

Found a new site for amateur pix

I like posting amateur crossdress pix on various sites. NBN (newbudnudes) is still my fav but I recently abandoned Flickr because it really doesn't know whether it's a sex site or not. The Flickr site management seem to keep moving the goalposts and I got tired of trying to guess what's OK and what's not.

So I was pleased to get referred to a new kid on the block,, which only started in December... so they're still at the "keen to please" stage. You know, where you can ask questions and get swift answers, and where new categories of pix are still being added.

Having said that, hopefully MSO won't become complacent like NBN, or monolithic and faceless like Flickr. We'll see!

Site membership has only just passed the 100 mark, so picture commenting and picture voting hasn't become the rough-and-tumble jungle that is Newbudnudes. On NBN, down-voters roam with blood-stained teeth, ready to pounce on you. On MSO, we're all new-comers who are being nice to each other. What it'll be like when there's 10,000 members I really don't know, but it'll be fun finding out.

So far, I like the look of the site. Membership is free, and there's no age verification rigmarole, so you can keep your plastic safely in your wallet... usually the best place for it, on the Internet. You can also browse the site and get an idea of what it has to offer, before you've signed up. However, there naturally is the restriction that you can't view full-size pix until you've gone through the sign-up procedure and then logged in.