Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Using MSN or Yahoo Messenger

Although I post lots of pix of myself on the internet, and have several hours of chat each week with other crossdressers, I haven't yet started using cam.

I'm still a closet gurlie, mainly because I don't want hassle at work, if people find out. These days, if people hear that you're "bi" then it's no big deal, but if they hear that you like putting frilly pink panties on, then you'll probably never hear the end of it.

Despite all that, I'm getting to like using chatrooms... and using a webcam is likely to be the next step. One thing's for sure, though: I'm not going to do anything before I feel ready.


Sunday, 12 April 2009

Seeing someone else wearing your undies

I often show pix of myself in pink panties on newbudnudes (NBN)

Imagine my surprise one day, when someone asked me to send him the panties I'd just been wearing!

After I adjusted to the idea of sending my panties 3000 miles across the Atlantic, I co-operated... that is, I bagged them up and put some stamps on the envelope, and sent them off.

And now I have the strange experience of seeing pix of someone else wearing my panties...

Oct 2009 NOTE: I've removed the pic that accompanied this post, because I don't want this blog to be too explicit. It's not suitable for kids, but I don't want it to go any further than soft porn.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

My new dress

Sometimes I like to look around the charity shops [thrift shops] and see if there's any nice girly stuff there.

This is what I went for... not sure if it's a longish top, or a very short minidress, but it really appealed to me. Nice colour, and nice clingy feel. Here, I'm doing a twirl in the woods!