Monday, 23 February 2009

Exposure problems in the Woods

UK winters aren't cold like they used to be, but a nice spring day is still welcome!

My first outdoor pix of 2009 went alright, except for the camera misbehaving. Being on my own, I had to use it on 'auto' setting, to take the pix. No cameraman, you see.

Joanna Slinky in PVC gloves and skirt, and patterned hose tights
I found a lot of them came out horribly overexposed, they were only fit for the rubbish bin. I think the light shining through the trees confuses the camera's chip.

And once I was wandering around in those tights (hose) I found it wasn't as warm as I'd first thought! I was glad to pack up and go home, after a short while.

But it's still nice to have done my first outdoors pix of the year. It helps me feel that summer is coming!

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