Tuesday, 22 December 2009

More about Twitter

I see a Twitter chart rates a guy called Peter Cashmore as top UK tweeter... with 1,800,000 followers, he gets an "influence rating" of 81.0.

The Twitter hall of fame was compiled by mobile phone maker INQ. (More.)

It made me smile, wondering where I'd be, on that list. I've got 11 followers... no, not eleven million. Just eleven! ...and I've tweeted only 12 times in all.

I've got a bit of ground to make up, then.


I've now got another Twitter follower: INQ Mobile, the company that did that chart! In my last tweet, I mentioned their name as author of the list, and they obviously spotted that tweet. So, someone at INQ is now going to see crossdressing tweets whenever I do them.

Nice one!


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Black boxes and airline security

The news yesterday made me smile, the fuss over the release by the US Transportation Security Admin of some PDF documents, where they thought they'd blacked out all the secret bits of text.

Turned out that black boxes placed over text in a PDF document don't remove the text at all, it's still there and can be cut-and-pasted into a Word or Notepad file for reading.

PDF editing is quite unlike editing a bitmap (.bmp) file, where drawing a black rectangle will destroy everything underneath. PDFs are more like web pages than like bitmaps... much the same as Flickr offering fake security by having spaceball.gif spread out on top of the jpeg. Porn surfers know how to get around that!

Many of us on NBN have things to keep private and so I can sympathise with the TSA officials who made that cock-up. You think you've covered bases and then you have an 'oh, shit' moment.


Just for the fun of it, I'm going to try to update all five blogs tonight: xanga, newbudnudes, blogger/blogspot, celection and newbienudes.

Sunday, 29 November 2009


I'm signed up to Twitter but I don't use it very often. I agreed with UK politician David Cameron when he said that "the trouble with Twitter, the instantness of it - too many twits might make a twat."

That was back in July and he apologised for his language - seemingly, he didn't know that 'twat' is a potentially-offensive term - but I thought he was on the case, there.

I've just unsubscribed from the 'twibes' (groups) feature, as I was getting swamped by junk. Now, I'll only see tweets from those I'm personally following.

The twibe comment that prompted me into updating this blog was "Social media is a tidal wave. Ride the wave or be crushed."

The surfing analogy I'd use is, I'd rather relax on the beach. There may be a bunch of twats
posturing with their boards a little way down the beach, and I might glance at them occasionally, but otherwise I'll ignore them. Hope they sober up and go home.


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Secret lives and sex blogging

Saw a news item today about a research scientist employed by the University of Bristol who was also a sex blogger. Her bosses say her former life has nothing to do with her current job, and she has their support.

(link to story)

That's fair enough. I could imagine some employers getting a bit sniffy about it, though, and I'm not surprised she wanted to keep it secret for so long. But, unlike me, her blog earned her a book deal and there was also a tv series based on it - Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

Hmmm, you never know who's reading your blog and who's going to make you a "fame and fortune" offer, lol


Monday, 26 October 2009

Me as a Twink??

I've noticed a few 'twink' pics recently, and they made me wonder how different my life might have been, had the internet and digital photography existed when I was a twink - ie, when I was 18 or over, but only just.

No pix exist of me as a twink. Well, not so far as I know! Back then, you had to send your film off to be developed and printed, or take it into a chemist. Which meant strangers were seeing the pix. Also, there was a feeling that if you picked the wrong processing place then nudity might be reported to the police. I remember hearing Boots (chemist, drugstore) frowned on nudity, for instance.

Life's so much better, these days. You can do what you want with your own images. But I wonder if any current-day twinks get tempted into rash action, just because it's easy to do.


Saturday, 3 October 2009

Joanna's review of crossdresser sites

I been thinking about how I stick to the same few sites for most of my picture-posting activities and chatting etc. It's not because I'm a creature of habit, but because websites that are pretty poor really don't make much effort to change their ways.

Here's my current impression of the free websites I use... and most of them haven't changed much since I started with them. I'll give each one a rating out of 10.

flickr rating: 5

I like this for the groups, you can add a pic to an interest group and show stuff to like-minded people. Not a dedicated sex site, tries to be all things to all people. Bad thing is, people get banned for reasons that aren't always clear. Read the help threads and you'll see loads of complaints.
If it weren't for that nagging doubt, I'd pay for premium membership (to get extra upload capability and the option to create lots of sub-folders or albums).

[edit: on 14 Oct, got another warning and they didn't tell me why. So I'm not going to contribute any more pix. I'm tempted to downrate the site to 2 or 3, but I don't want to rewrite history!]

newbudnudes ("NBN") rating: 9

Current fav. I like the chat and almost always get someone wanting to chat to me. I'm never ignored. Pic gallery is easy to navigate. Easy browsing of male gay porn and lots of crossdressers. Pic voting is strange sometimes. Forum is very quiet.
This is the only site EVER where I've spent out on a membership upgrade (so that I can download full-size pix).

celection rating: 7

yep, correct spelling. Site well-coded and excellently laid out. Mixed sex pix, with a regular crossdress contribution. A nice feature is the photo subject 'challenge' (eg, invite tan line pix, or whatever). Drawback is, only paying members can download pix (although you can always use Print Screen, if you can be bothered to.)

rating: 1

All uploads await moderation approval, and the site code is drab in appearance and function, so I rarely bother visiting.
The page formatting convulsions when logging in are enough to put most people off, I would imagine.

rating: 3

Chat's busy and newcomers can be ignored. Not a porn site, more of a contact site. So there's no decent gallery system. Forum can be friendly or obsessively snotty, depending on who's been posting.

rating: 7

A new kid on the block, and they're still developing the site options. Rather like a cross between newbudnudes and tvChix: an accessible pic gallery but profile searches can be done too. Forum and chat currently haven't taken off, but I think the site shows a lot of promise.

rating: 3

Supposedly an adult version of youtube, it strikes me as dead-in-the-water. Nice idea, but it hasn't really worked. Well, not for crossdressers, anyway. Nothing wrong with the site code, it's just lacking in participants.

rating: 6

Some website statistics rank this as the top adult site in the world. Shows videos in FLV (flash) form and allows free download of them. (They can be viewed later on with things like VLC Player.) So many people visit, that you'll get lots of hits no matter how obscure your videos are.
Can seem a bit impersonal, though.

rating: 7

Videos can't be downloaded. The site also caters for pix but I rarely bother. It's a very busy site and lots of stuff, so it's easy to feel overlooked. But there's a lot of friendly people there and you'll probably get lots of friend requests if you stick around!

unrated: it's not a porn channel

Anything approaching porn, and you're likely to be banned, so extreme caution required. Slightly erotic is OK, but no more than that. On the plus side, the site coding is pretty well second to none. I'm sure you all know how well the site works, so I'll say no more!

rating: 3

Shame this site's a victim of
what strikes me as shabby coding. For instance, to upload a new pic, you don't click on 'my photos' or 'xpose yourself' - you have to hover on the 'My Profile' button and ignore the dropdowns, and just click that button. And then, on the new page, select 'Manage my galleries' and then click the 'Upload Photos' link. The coding is better than in 2007 but still not enough to make me visit more than once a month. Page loading failures are still common, so remember where your BACK button is, if you go there.

newbienudes ("NN")
rating: 6

A mixed sex version of the gay site 'newbudnudes', the site coding is ahead of newbudnudes in general options. And it's around 10 times more popular than NBN. I go there mainly for the MILFs and BBWs.

OK, so that's my snapshot of what sites I like (and how much I like them).
These are my own personal views and I'd be interested to hear what you think!


Friday, 25 September 2009

Is Halloween a good night to come out of the closet?

Been thinking... a closet gurlie like me, Halloween would be a good night to venture out, wouldn't it?

If I turn up to a nightclub and anyone thinks I look strange, well, it's that sort of evening and I can get away with it.

Maybe I wouldn't dress like in this pic from Halloween 2008 though!

(That pic I posted on the internet and just stayed safely indoors. Didn't want to scare anyone!)


Saturday, 12 September 2009

Exposed to the public

Recently I was sunbathing on the grass, in just my tight orange beach shorts, and I counted the number of windows that I could see, where neighbours could have been having a peep at me. It was ten.

I got horny, thinking "Hey you lot, I bet you don't realise I'm an internationally-known porn star!"

Well, I'm not really a "star" but I do have friends in several continents, so that takes care of the "international" bit! Anyway, the thought made me smile.

And yes, I wouldn't mind at all if a voyeur enjoyed looking at me through his binoculars.


Saturday, 30 May 2009

Left thinking about my sudden death

Yesterday, was brought face-to-face with my own mortality!


On a two-lane blacktop I drove round a sharp corner... and didn't expect someone charging towards me, on my side of the road! He was completing a rash overtaking maneuvre, and both I and the car being overtaken hit brakes savagely and steered into our own sides of the road... and the loony squeezed through the gap between us.

For the next mile, I was in a sombre moood. Suppose I'd got killed back there? All my stuff on the internet would cease to be updated, and a few people would think, "Oh, I wonder what happened to Joanna Slinky..." and then just get on with stuff.

Most people who know me by my legal name would get to hear the news, but people who know me as "Joanna Slinky" would hear nothing.

Maybe some would think I'd had a "tranny purge" where crossdressers get a fit of the guilts and stop crossdressing! Some friends would keep messaging or emailing me, and would wonder why I was suddenly ignoring them.

I can't really imagine having a trannie purge. If I vanish for ever, it could be that... or, more likely, I've had a bad day on the UK roads!


Monday, 4 May 2009

crossdressing in a cyber war zone

My fav site is still newbudnudes... I've got over 1,000 pix posted there now, and I often hang out in the chat room, and visit the forum, too.

It can be a strange place, though. There's only a few thousand active members, and lots of crossdressers there, but sometimes my pix get a pretty rough ride.

Like this one...

which only has 72 views so far, and only 2 votes, both of which were voting it down!

There's currently a bit of a war going on, crossdressers v
ordinary gays.

The latter want to see men looking like men, rather than trying to look like women. I can see where they're coming from (if you'll pardon the expression) but the site - a gay site - has always had a picture category for lingerie, and when signing up, you can choose your gender as 'transgendered' so us CDs think we're not gatecrashing. But some of the non-CDs see it as their mission to bad-vote us gurlies, and slag us off in the forum! Oh, well. It's still my fav site.


Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Using MSN or Yahoo Messenger

Although I post lots of pix of myself on the internet, and have several hours of chat each week with other crossdressers, I haven't yet started using cam.

I'm still a closet gurlie, mainly because I don't want hassle at work, if people find out. These days, if people hear that you're "bi" then it's no big deal, but if they hear that you like putting frilly pink panties on, then you'll probably never hear the end of it.

Despite all that, I'm getting to like using chatrooms... and using a webcam is likely to be the next step. One thing's for sure, though: I'm not going to do anything before I feel ready.


Sunday, 12 April 2009

Seeing someone else wearing your undies

I often show pix of myself in pink panties on newbudnudes (NBN)

Imagine my surprise one day, when someone asked me to send him the panties I'd just been wearing!

After I adjusted to the idea of sending my panties 3000 miles across the Atlantic, I co-operated... that is, I bagged them up and put some stamps on the envelope, and sent them off.

And now I have the strange experience of seeing pix of someone else wearing my panties...

Oct 2009 NOTE: I've removed the pic that accompanied this post, because I don't want this blog to be too explicit. It's not suitable for kids, but I don't want it to go any further than soft porn.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

My new dress

Sometimes I like to look around the charity shops [thrift shops] and see if there's any nice girly stuff there.

This is what I went for... not sure if it's a longish top, or a very short minidress, but it really appealed to me. Nice colour, and nice clingy feel. Here, I'm doing a twirl in the woods!


Monday, 16 March 2009

First sunshine pix, Summer on its way!

You can tell when summer's on its way in the UK, loads of crossdressers start cavorting around the countryside in frilly dresses and tight tops??

Well OK maybe it's not quite like that, but it does seem like another step on the way to summer when I can go onto Exmoor and take a few pix without getting goosebumps.

This is me doing some hill-walking in my fav dress. Underneath, I'm wearing a red thong but you'll have to take my word for that :)

One nice thing about this time of year is there's very few tourists and hikers or backpackers around. Ideal for a closet gurlie like me!


Friday, 13 March 2009

Doing requests for people

I often post pix on NBN (newbudnudes.com) and I get all sorts of suggestions and requests for meet-ups in my site mailbox. You can guess what some of them are like!

I like it when I get posing requests. I had this one in Feb-

love your pics specially of you wearing tights, can you do a set in school uniform and sheer to waist black tights no panties.

No panties? That's unusual.

Well it sometimes takes a while, but I usually get there in the end!

I had fun doing this strip sequence. Here, you can see me shortly after starting the strip.


Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Trying on new girly jeans & top

There's an old saying, if you don't like the heat then get out the kitchen. Equally, if you live in the UK and it's cold outdoors, get out of the woods.

So that's what I did, and I decided to model my new clingy jeans and super-clingy top for you indoors!

And yep, the top is so tight that afterwardsI had to wrench it off, inside-out... and I could hear some stitching going. I like the way it leaves my tummy bare, and I might wear it on the beach this summer. I'll see if anyone chats me up :)

Monday, 23 February 2009

Exposure problems in the Woods

UK winters aren't cold like they used to be, but a nice spring day is still welcome!

My first outdoor pix of 2009 went alright, except for the camera misbehaving. Being on my own, I had to use it on 'auto' setting, to take the pix. No cameraman, you see.

Joanna Slinky in PVC gloves and skirt, and patterned hose tights
I found a lot of them came out horribly overexposed, they were only fit for the rubbish bin. I think the light shining through the trees confuses the camera's chip.

And once I was wandering around in those tights (hose) I found it wasn't as warm as I'd first thought! I was glad to pack up and go home, after a short while.

But it's still nice to have done my first outdoors pix of the year. It helps me feel that summer is coming!

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