Tuesday, 22 December 2009

More about Twitter

I see a Twitter chart rates a guy called Peter Cashmore as top UK tweeter... with 1,800,000 followers, he gets an "influence rating" of 81.0.

The Twitter hall of fame was compiled by mobile phone maker INQ. (More.)

It made me smile, wondering where I'd be, on that list. I've got 11 followers... no, not eleven million. Just eleven! ...and I've tweeted only 12 times in all.

I've got a bit of ground to make up, then.


I've now got another Twitter follower: INQ Mobile, the company that did that chart! In my last tweet, I mentioned their name as author of the list, and they obviously spotted that tweet. So, someone at INQ is now going to see crossdressing tweets whenever I do them.

Nice one!


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Black boxes and airline security

The news yesterday made me smile, the fuss over the release by the US Transportation Security Admin of some PDF documents, where they thought they'd blacked out all the secret bits of text.

Turned out that black boxes placed over text in a PDF document don't remove the text at all, it's still there and can be cut-and-pasted into a Word or Notepad file for reading.

PDF editing is quite unlike editing a bitmap (.bmp) file, where drawing a black rectangle will destroy everything underneath. PDFs are more like web pages than like bitmaps... much the same as Flickr offering fake security by having spaceball.gif spread out on top of the jpeg. Porn surfers know how to get around that!

Many of us on NBN have things to keep private and so I can sympathise with the TSA officials who made that cock-up. You think you've covered bases and then you have an 'oh, shit' moment.


Just for the fun of it, I'm going to try to update all five blogs tonight: xanga, newbudnudes, blogger/blogspot, celection and newbienudes.