Saturday, 30 May 2009

Left thinking about my sudden death

Yesterday, was brought face-to-face with my own mortality!


On a two-lane blacktop I drove round a sharp corner... and didn't expect someone charging towards me, on my side of the road! He was completing a rash overtaking maneuvre, and both I and the car being overtaken hit brakes savagely and steered into our own sides of the road... and the loony squeezed through the gap between us.

For the next mile, I was in a sombre moood. Suppose I'd got killed back there? All my stuff on the internet would cease to be updated, and a few people would think, "Oh, I wonder what happened to Joanna Slinky..." and then just get on with stuff.

Most people who know me by my legal name would get to hear the news, but people who know me as "Joanna Slinky" would hear nothing.

Maybe some would think I'd had a "tranny purge" where crossdressers get a fit of the guilts and stop crossdressing! Some friends would keep messaging or emailing me, and would wonder why I was suddenly ignoring them.

I can't really imagine having a trannie purge. If I vanish for ever, it could be that... or, more likely, I've had a bad day on the UK roads!


Monday, 4 May 2009

crossdressing in a cyber war zone

My fav site is still newbudnudes... I've got over 1,000 pix posted there now, and I often hang out in the chat room, and visit the forum, too.

It can be a strange place, though. There's only a few thousand active members, and lots of crossdressers there, but sometimes my pix get a pretty rough ride.

Like this one...

which only has 72 views so far, and only 2 votes, both of which were voting it down!

There's currently a bit of a war going on, crossdressers v
ordinary gays.

The latter want to see men looking like men, rather than trying to look like women. I can see where they're coming from (if you'll pardon the expression) but the site - a gay site - has always had a picture category for lingerie, and when signing up, you can choose your gender as 'transgendered' so us CDs think we're not gatecrashing. But some of the non-CDs see it as their mission to bad-vote us gurlies, and slag us off in the forum! Oh, well. It's still my fav site.