Friday, 25 September 2009

Is Halloween a good night to come out of the closet?

Been thinking... a closet gurlie like me, Halloween would be a good night to venture out, wouldn't it?

If I turn up to a nightclub and anyone thinks I look strange, well, it's that sort of evening and I can get away with it.

Maybe I wouldn't dress like in this pic from Halloween 2008 though!

(That pic I posted on the internet and just stayed safely indoors. Didn't want to scare anyone!)


Saturday, 12 September 2009

Exposed to the public

Recently I was sunbathing on the grass, in just my tight orange beach shorts, and I counted the number of windows that I could see, where neighbours could have been having a peep at me. It was ten.

I got horny, thinking "Hey you lot, I bet you don't realise I'm an internationally-known porn star!"

Well, I'm not really a "star" but I do have friends in several continents, so that takes care of the "international" bit! Anyway, the thought made me smile.

And yes, I wouldn't mind at all if a voyeur enjoyed looking at me through his binoculars.