Monday, 27 May 2013

Youtube and unacceptable videos

I was reading this week that there have been calls for extremist stuff like "hate preachers" and videos of beheadings to be removed from Youtube.

It made me smile a bit grimly, as I've had several videos kicked off Youtube and I've not yet beheaded anyone — I think I just showed a bit too much ass.

That was before Google took over the site, but I imagine the YT rules haven't changed very much in the last couple of years.

I agree with those who say kids shouldn't be able to view so much porn, and I imagine those vids of mine strayed across the line in some way. Usually I try to make sure they're OK for a general audience, and there's no bare ass or any cock showing, or stuff like that, but thongs are a difficult area, as the events at Myrtle Beach this week have shown.

I wonder what the NC cops would do if I wore one!