Sunday, 17 February 2013

NBN and NDN - changes in girlie cyberspace

The last few weeks have seen a bit of a change on my favourite site, NBN (newbudnudes). The site covered all gay activity from hairy "bears" flexing their biceps through to effeminate stuff like crossdressing.

On 12 January, NDN (newdudenudes) was created for the gays who, in the words of one site user, "want men to be like men."  In other words, men who don't wear feminine clothes.

If we're honest about it, some of them just dislike women and don't even want to be reminded that they exist! Well, takes all sorts, huh.

I'm a moderator on the new site, and I was in the weird position of kicking photos off the site that I liked, and which are similar to many of my own photos!

Meanwhile, newbudnudes (the old site) has become the preserve of the TG and CD folks, and I'm a moderator there as well. But I haven't had official permission yet to kick the hunks and butch guys in y-fronts off that site!

So the current position is:

name    purpose    themes that are banned
NBN    TG/CD/TV 'gurlie'    none
NDN    gay    no CD gurlie pix

It's kind of a bit lop-sided, because the general gay community has been posting to NBN for many years, and if their pix were suddenly all slung off the site, that would just be thoughtless.

But if they're to be encouraged to migrate over from NBN to NDN, then I imagine it will help some make the move if they see an orderly and well-maintained site all ready and waiting for them.

Being a moderator isn't always as easy as it seems.